Make 100% Original Bali Coconut Oils



Hello everyone we are Local people from Taro Village, we would like to share our passion came from our grand grand mother for make traditional bali coconut oil. When we were kid our mum & grand mother always teach us how to make traditional Bali coconut oil 100% home-made Bali original coconut oil since then we are so addicted to make & use it. Traditional bali coconut oil Always bring it during travel. We believe a lot of people love coconut oil as we do. In fact we can see shops selling it but most of them are not 100%. Some of them made in big industry or factory. In this session we want to bring traditional home experience to traditional Bali coconut oil. show you how to make 100% real coconut oil made by yourself! It will be time to enjoy fresh herbal tea together for welcoming.

Our Class Located at Delodsema Taro Village – North of Ubud, when you arrive firstly you will be explore local life Balinese traditional village and rice terrace view before arrive at our Village after that we will visit My Home to create traditional Bali coconut oil, The Bali Original Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil has caused quite a buzz in the natural health community, and for good reason. The fragrant tropical oil that can send your senses directly to the beach is a highly saturated fat, but it comes with several health benefits. Here we will make real coconut oil following the traditional process (it will take more than 1 -1,5 hours to be done). While we wait for it, We will explore the local life to find local garden, kind of fruit, animal/ pet like chicken, roster & pig. Once the coconut oil done, you will bring it home after the session end !

  • Morning at 09.00 am
  • Afternoon at 01.00 pm
  • Balinese Coffee or Tea
  • Towels / Sarong
  • Traditional cake
  • Private Hotel Transfer in Ubud Central are will be charge IDR 300.000 / car round trip other area we can discuss based on the area.
  • lunch
  • Guide/ Driver Expanse ( Optional )
* Minimum 2 persons IDR 350.000 net/pax
* Minimum 4 persons IDR 300.000 net/pax
* Minimum 6 persons IDR 280.000 net/pax